We appreciate your interest in our Aerowheel self balancing transportation device. We have tapped some of the most innovatively brilliant minds and emerging technologies and have created a new form of transportation with the intent of changing the way we move and interact with the world around us.  


We have taken the time to build quality into every Aerowheel that leaves our factory. We incorporate the highest quality imported battery systems from Samsung. The magnetic levitation motors are euro designed and have been selected to provide you a smooth powerful driving experience. Our software engineers have perfected the motor and gyroscope controls to give perfect balancing and precise control to the driver. Our external shells are high strength ABS material built for longevity. We then apply a beautiful finish to your Aerowheel using the latest in multi-step automobile painting processes. The process is finalized with a hand polished high gloss clear coat to make sure your Aerowheel is beautiful for years to come. We then take the time to perform a quality inspection of each Aerowheel before it is packed and shipped to your door.